We’re Nat and Josh from His & Her Journey. We’ve been attached to the hip for over 3 years and will be extra attached on August 25th, 2018 when we become husband and wife! We have very similar personalities, likes and dislikes and it’s sometimes weird how identical we are at times. A surreal moment when we look at one another wondering how on this large earth did we cross each other’s life path at the right time? Yes, we tend to be “that” couple that show each other how much in love we are with one another, but it’s something we’re so happy about because when you find your best buddy that you’ll be with for your whole life, you see things differently and life just gets even more exciting. 

We lived in Toronto for a few years, but often found ourselves trying to escape the buzz of the city and we began to spend our weekends elsewhere, which then brought us to the decision to pack our things a few months ago and move to Oakville. We still visit the city all the time because most of our friends are there, we love going to concerts and we absolutely love food so we enjoy visiting the cool and trendy restaurants that keep popping up around the city. 

We live with our little beautiful and smart kitten (Misha!) who wakes us up at all hours of the night because either she thinks it’s the perfect time to play or she just wants us to listen to her beautiful voice meowing in our ears. She’s definitely prepping us for when it’s time to have a baby! She brings us so much happiness and brings us laughs on a daily. She’s quite sassy but it makes her even more unique and adorable. 


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Interests: I absolutely love animals - every single one of them (except sharks, I’m terrified of them), hiking and camping in the summertime surrounded by beautiful nature, plant-based lifestyle, yoga and meditation, spending quality time with family and friends, , photography, watching my fave show THIS IS US, live music, reading, baking and watching vlogs (guilty pleasure of mine)

Dislikes: Cold temperatures, obnoxious noises (snoring!), when Josh forgets to close the cabinets in the kitchen :p

Fears: Getting dropped in the middle of the dark ocean where a great white shark finds me and eats me for dinner. This is a legit fear of mine…goes back to the Tomb Raider computer game where I refused to play that episode because I was so scared. 

Fave Musicians: Dermot Kennedy, Vance Joy, Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Ray, Kendrick Lamar (big genre jump with this one haha!)

Fave season and why? Summer. The warm temperatures and sunshine makes me so happy. I also feel more alive and I want to be outdoors every second of the day. I just feel that there’s so much more to do when it’s summer and everyone just seems happier and more energetic.

Nationality: Polska! Polish!

What does His & Her Journey Mean to You: It means a lot to me. It’s my first business that I created with my soon-to-be husband. I’m really proud of how we work together, our photography style and the friendships that we have established during this process. Josh and I have so many journeys in life together and this is why we encourage people to capture those journeys so that when you’re 80 years old, you can look back at beautiful photos that bring to life specific emotions. Also, what I like about this business is that yes, it’s called His & Her Journey because it’s a name that derived from mine and Josh’s relationship and journeys, however, this name expands to all genders and all relationship choices.  Everyone is unique and has their own beautiful traits and we are SO excited to capture this.




Interests: Cooking, photography, woodworking, arts & crafts, meditation, working out at the gym, a good night of binge watching some new Netflix originals, camping amongst nature. Camping is definitely one of my favourite things to do, especially cooking outdoors. It is so primitive and goes back centuries. I love how it feels to be surrounded by nature with a roaring fire and a delicious meal being cooked on it.

Dislikes: People who walk slow on the streets, bad drivers, the way Nat constantly clears her throat even though I think it’s adorable (sometimes…).

Fears: Drowning

Fave Musicians: I don't really have a fave musician because it varies often, but if I had to pick, I would say Vance Joy and Cat Stevens.

Fave season and why? Spring. It's the season that everything comes back to life. There’s this great energy about it. Not only nature but all living creatures (humans and animals) have a renewed sense of joy for the coming of summer.

Nationality: Canadian!

What does His & Her Journey Mean to You:  For me, it really goes back to the feather that is on our logo. In some cultures, a feather is the symbol of a new beginning. I believe that every journey is a representation of a new beginning, whether it is a new relationship, a marriage, having a baby or celebrating your retirement. Also, it's awesome to start a business with Nat and watch it grow together as we meet new people from all over the world. 

Photo by our good friend Erik Hanson @erikihelm

Photo by our good friend Erik Hanson @erikihelm